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You and your top team hold the key to the 20:20 foresight you need. You and perhaps one or two other major stakeholders, know your business better than anyone. Unless your answers to the question above was consistently between 3 and 4 the likelihood is that need to engage in a top level dialogue to build the robustness and agility of your business.
We offer the options of a two-hour tele-conference and facilitation of your meeting.
Contact us now. You will gain insights, make discoveries and develop your capability to see around corners in time to maximise the opportunities and prevent the worst.
PS We have engineered-out 80% of the costs normally associated with this process.

What would be the impact on your business if…







Most businesses would be badly knocked about. Some might not survive. Only the brave or foolhardy would say ‘Too extreme, couldn’t happen to us’.
Ask the airline industry for their view!


What would happen in your business…

1. Deep cost cutting; across-the-board retrenchments/redundancies; urgent spending and development projects cancelled; blame and finger-pointing?
2. Significant cost cutting; some retrenchments/redundancies; important investments and development projects put on hold; enquiries, avoidance and back-covering.
3. Careful and sensitive controls on all finances; non-essential recruitment deferred; investments and development projects phased; analysis, evaluation and course-corrections?
4. Implementation of a recovery plan, some adjustments, and an organisation-wide response where everyone knew how to contribute.
A few businesses (less than 2%) would be strong enough and agile enough to weather the storm and come out stronger.
The key is to having 20:20 foresight is to act NOW – hopefully, long before anything similar happened to your business.
Acting now means…

What would be the impact on your business if…







It’s time to abandon SWOT
It’s was a brilliant tool for clarifying what we already knew
It does very little to help you deal with what you don’t know and cannot predict
In the 21st century business must be able to deal with the threats that come from left of field
and grasp the opportunities that arise overnight

Gaining insights…

Making discoveries…
Exceeding expectations…


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