Mistakes are expensive



When there is so much good advice available why do nearly 70% of small businesses fail within 3 years?
The answer lies in the way each business owner implements the advice
Advice can only be written one way… we have over 30,000 different approaches to implement it
Take a step back
With so much sound advice available on starting and running a business, how can this happen?
The volume and quality of advice available to every small business owner from start up to selling out is better than ever before.
However, their capacity to take full advantage may be limited to the tasks they think they have complete. Knowing what they have to do, as opposed to what they think they have to do requires a knowledge and understanding of process.
But more than this, they need to know where and how they connect in to the process of implementing good
advice and taking full advantage of support from franchisors and licensors.
Each programme
 Focuses on the business owner and the skills needed to implement the advice that will help them be successful
 Equips the business owner to get maximum benefit from supporters, partners, suppliers and others
 Builds on their current skills, hones their process skills and guides them to plug gaps in the way they get things done
Each programme is tailored from 30,000 possible combinations to meet the needs of each individual. 
Each programme is based on 15 years experience in 15 countries, across 5 continents with over 15,000 people.
Users have included multi nationals, the professions, service industries, and the public sector. Their insights, discoveries and experiences have been distilled into this suite of programmes. The advice and exercises have been designed specifically for the owners and supporters of home and small businesses.

Key features and benefits:

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Building your Franchise or licensed Business

For people who are determined


 to grow their business



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Making your decision

For people who are thinking


 about starting their own business



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Getting Going

Designed for entrepreneurs


 who are in the first few weeks or months


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Outperforming your Competitors

For established business


 owners who are committed to achieving excellence


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Improving your Home-Based Business

For people who are keen to


 make improvements in their business


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Making your decision

For people who are thinking


 about starting their own business



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Making Strategic Decisions

 A focus on leading change


 and getting fit for strategic growth



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Managing Rapid

Gearing up to take full advantage


of the opportunities and challenges

Returning To Success

 The skills and processes necessary


 to regain momentum and return to profit


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Gaining insights…

Making discoveries…
Exceeding expectations…


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