The Corporate Business Unit within a major insurance group completed both personal and team profiling and then applied the Achievement Process to issues affecting their business.    Comments from the review meeting held two months after the workshop were as follows:-


  • “Applying the AP could be worth hundreds of millions of Rands to our business”.
  • “The benefits in one case are unquantifiable”.
  • “Applying the AP to additional losses will add R60m to our bottom line”.
  • “The AP is an efficient strong driver of the process helps progress and implementation”.
  • “The AP helps identify and unpack subtle/complex issues”.
The Achievement Profiling and Process was used to help facilitate a merger between two fiercely competitive organisations. The objective was to provide a non judgemental and unbiased way for the leadership of the two organisations to talk to each other to find a way of achieving a successful merger which would deliver value shareholders.
The AP was used by the merger teams to deal with issues of Human Resources, Culture and Values, Customers, Communications, Technology, Underwriting philosophies, Rationalisation of Business lines and Claims.  No reports were accepted by the MD unless they addressed every stage of the Achievement Process – i.e. he used the AP as a quality system to ensure that the various teams and the merger manager to whom they reported had thought through issues fully.  It is also clear that the Achievement Process helped the teams (always comprising individuals from both companies), focus on issues and productive behaviours and helped significantly minimize the natural emotional, parochial, finger pointing type of approach.
I used the Achievement Process as the framework for helping the new executive and leadership of the now merged organisation to develop a strategic action plan with a clear vision, mission and agreement on the key focus areas for the next 3 to 5 years.  There was total buy-in to the focus areas by the entire group with agreement that these would have the most impact on taking them from their current reality towards achieving their vision.  Very specific action plans were developed for each focus area with buy-in and commitment of all.
An implementation plan and monitoring programme was also put in place to ensure clear progress towards outcomes with unambiguous milestones.
These outstanding results were achieved by Alan Kirschner, CEO, Customer Diagnostics, Johannesburg, RSA
An international account management team, in danger of losing a $40,000m client account, resolved a long running dispute on leadership, ownership of strategy and control of the implementation process. The Achievement Profiling and the Achievement Process enabled them to get to the root of their problems and find different ways to work together. In doing so, they were able
to achieve the necessary client service rating to retain the business.   
The CEO of a container port engaged us to identify why the top team was being slow to implement their strategic development plan. They were under increasing pressure from their major stakeholders to demonstrate significant industrial relations and productivity improvements.  The Achievement Profiling revealed the group dynamics within the top team. The team profile, when linked to the Achievement Process, provided a platform for the business leaders to articulate their issues. Using the Achievement Process we were able to simplify the implementation requirements, construct project groups and release the skills and knowledge necessary to address the priority issues.

Insight into reasons for superficial conflict and what now needed to be done to enable teams to work together more effectively.

Discovered that their real problems are most frequently caused by indiscipline, game playing and a lack of focus on real objectives.

Managers produced excellent project work addressing real issues within a tightly stipulated timeframe – something previously quite impossible and totally beyond their reach. The Achievement Process provided the framework for their issues.

Insight into how to logically go about moving a solid but unimaginative family business into a new era of more professional management and beginning a new growth curve.

Discovered they had no challenging performance goals and no management systems to enable their achievement

They now have a logical structure with clear reporting lines and fairly tough individual performance goals. Confusion around roles and responsibilities has now been sorted. The Achievement Process provided a platform for the key players to connect with their issues.

Insight into nature of problems causing two important silos in one department to constantly behave in adversarial mode and limit quality of service delivery to internal customers.

Discovered that the problems were embarrassingly straightforward to resolve.

The head of the Unit is extremely satisfied with the outcome. He is a sensitive soul who prefers to avoid conflict. He had turned to the Achievement Process in desperation. The conflict has been resolved.

Insight into the fact that an efficient business cannot be based purely on tight financial control and a 99% focus on tasks only; but that serious ‘people’ time and effort needs to be part of the plan.

Discovered that MD’s own personal management style was limiting the cohesion and effectiveness of the team. This style was identified as being far too instructive, demanding and intrusive.

The Achievement Process has introduced a more balanced and calmer working environment. It has genuinely proved that there are massive benefits to be obtained from the hard to capture notion of a ‘Team of Equals’.




Insight into recurring problems on a major project. Over-budget by 25% and rising.

Discovered the root causes…


•Assumptions made no allowance for time and quality slippages.

• Communications were limited to what needed to be done. No explanations, no motivation, no engagement.

The project was massively re-energised. The Achievement Process was used to re-plan the project. Each Stage was given equal weight. The emphasis that the company had not previously given to people engagement released huge energy. The project attracted a wide range of contributions from people who had been waiting for it to fail. Project cost savings of £35,000 were directly attributable to the AP.

Insights – Top team members in about to be merged businesses began by gaining an insight into the makeup of their own existing teams in terms of 'Black Holes‘ and 'Blind Spots' . They were able to see what aspects and behavioural elements of their working together needed to be better and more thoughtfully managed.

Discoveries - Team members in both sets of teams realised that a significant degree of disagreement and disaffection (existing and potential) could be understood in terms of their differing perspectives and preferred approaches to getting things done. This was of critical importance (see 'benefits') because the one-sided (more 'takeover') nature of the 'merger' meant that there existed a fairly deep-seated and totally understandable atmosphere of suspicion and distrust that could prove disastrous.

Merged functional teams were given practical merger subjects and tasks to address prior to reporting back to the plenary group. The disciplined use of the Achievement Profiling insights and the application of the Achievement Process during their deliberations ensured (1) that they stayed on track in most cases most of the time, (2) they were able to mostly avoid falling into the typical human nature traps of runaway emotions, bias, subjectivity, power and personality domination, frustration and disinterest, (3) they had a new and simple language on which to base their report-backs to their colleagues - a language now equally understood and accepted by those colleagues, (4) they had real plans ready for immediate implementation, (5) they had a common management language for moving forward, and (6) they had easy reference to useful templates when the going got tough.

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